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McCulloch Agencies Livestock

Our livestock team offer a modern and energetic way of marketing livestock. We adapt quickly, are on the ground daily, and keep in front of the ever-changing market conditions.

We operate with respect for old ideas, but embrace innovation ensuring we are at the top of our game and forefront of the industry. Our team operate with our clients at the centre of all we do, with a range of sheep and cattle market offerings to suit their operations.

McCulloch Agencies have a solid and vast contact base throughout Australia from producers, to processors, feed lotters and extensive transport companies.

Our team operate out of Tamworth Regional Livestock Exchange (TRLX), utilising their state-of-the-art facilities to sell both prime sheep and cattle every Monday, and store cattle every second Friday.

Tamworth is geographically situated in a prime location in Northern NSW to draw on high quality livestock of all descriptions, and also a host an established base of buyers, based locally and from wider regions.

The way we market livestock yesterday will not be the way we achieve the best price tomorrow, and our new generation of agents are the best to have on your team.

Our services include but are not limited to:
• Weekly prime cattle, sheep and lamb sales on a Monday at TLRX
• Fortnightly store cattle sales
• Cattle and sheep stud sales
• Private and paddock sales
• Direct to abattoirs, feedlots, backgrounders and agents
• Auctions Plus
• Forward contracts
• Pooled vendor marketing
• Joint venture arrangements
• Agistment and leasing arrangements
• Coordinating stockwork and animal health
• Transport coordination
• Weaning and induction coordination
• Animal health and nutrition

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