Livestock Finance

In conjunction with StockCo, McCulloch Agencies are pleased to offer our clients a competitively priced livestock trading product, as well a breeder finance product.

StockCo will be providing you 100% livestock finance via McCulloch Agencies. StockCo will charge you directly for the cost of the finance and McCulloch Agencies will manage the trading and marketing for you. StockCo will provide this facility to you on its standard terms and conditions, and subject to its usual credit criteria.

How do I sign up?
To qualify for finance, a formal credit application and review will need to be completed and approved by StockCo. McCulloch Agencies can assist you in every step of this process and can ensure a fast turnaround time of approx. one week.

The process is as follows:

  1. Your McCulloch Agencies Agent will come to your farm and discuss your trading requirements and management strategies and explain the product in more depth
  2. You will complete an application form for finance through StockCo. StockCo will review your application and may seek further information from you
  3. If you meet StockCo’s credit criteria, your application will be approved. You will then need to sign a Master Livestock Agreement, together with any other security documentation that may be required in line with StockCo’s credit requirements (Please contact us for a copy of the StockCo Master Livestock Agreement Terms and Conditions)
  4. Once this is approved and your documentation is executed you are ready to trade with McCulloch Agencies
  5. You will be given a facility limit, linked to your peak trading requirements. You can purchase as many lots of livestock as you wish, provided you remain within your approved facility limit
  6. For each purchase, StockCo will confirm the details of the purchase in a Supplementary Agreement. StockCo will then settle the purchase invoice.
  7. Once purchased, StockCo takes ownership of the livestock and bails them to you.
  8. When you sell the livestock, McCulloch Agencies will issue you with an Account Sale displaying the applicable commission, fees and levies deducted from the sale proceeds. On the date of payment, the balance of the sale proceeds will then be sent to StockCo, who will deduct the purchase price and finance costs, and send the remaining sale proceeds to you.
  9. No invoices will be funded by StockCo until all documentation is in place and we have formal approval from StockCo
  10. The minimum finance limit is $100,000
  11. All funding applications are subject to StockCo credit review requirements
  12. For clients utilising lease country there are further requirements for written acknowledgement and permission from the land-owner which must be completed prior to purchase of any livestock
  13. Clients must apply management tags to all livestock funded under the agreement to enable easy identification.

What happens if there are deaths or losses?
You will be responsible for all deaths or missing livestock. Deaths are to be repaid by paying the purchase price of the animal plus the finance cost capitalised monthly. You can fund this through the sale of other livestock not funded by StockCo, or by deducting this sum from future sale proceeds. The most efficient way to manage deaths is to repay them as quickly as possible.

More information
If you would like to find out more information or book an appointment please contact anyone of the McCulloch Agencies livestock team to find out more.

Daniel McCulloch 0429 613 332
Mitchell Swain 0429 446 952
Alec Clydsdale 0409 079 867
Karina McCulloch 0447 277 665
Ciaran O'Gorman 0402 322 732

*McCulloch Agencies, as a StockCo distribution partner, receives rebate payments from StockCo

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