Terms & Conditions

Hobby Farm Sale

Selling fees and charges

  • - 10% + GST on all lots
  • - 5% + GST on cattle and sheep(no buyers premium)
  • - 5% +GST Buyers premium (cattle and sheep exempt)
Yard dues
  • - Yard dues will be payable on all sheep and cattle
  • - An advertising levy of 1% of the sale price will be charged to all vendors

Online Sales only

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Process for Online Purchasers
- If you are the successful bidder McCulloch Agencies will send the invoice to you within 24 hours of the sale
  You then have 5 days to make full payment of that invoice
- Once you have paid for the item a member of McCulloch Agencies will contact you and advise the location of the item and organise for the pick-up of the     goods. Please Note – Goods will not be allowed to be picked up until full payment has been received
- Purchasers have 5 days from the date of issue to pay for and pick up goods

For all enquiries please contact: 
- Alec Clydsdale: 0409 079 867
 - Mitchell Swain: 0429 446 952
- Daniel McCulloch: 0429 613 332
- Office: 02 6766 6006

Additional Terms & Conditions

- All sales will operate under the ALPA Selling Terms and conditions (View Here)
- All sale will operate in conjunction with TRLX and under their terms and conditions (View Here)
- Sale bookings will close 5:00pm Thursday afternoon prior to the sale
- Curfew by 8:00pm Friday night for sheep and cattle only. All other lots for sale will not be accepted prior to 6.00am sale day
- McCulloch Agencies take all care for your goods and livestock but no responsibility
- Responsibility for all lots will lie with the purchaser at the fall of the hammer

- For all sheep, cattle and goats, vendors and buyers must supply a PIC number and NVD (National Vendor Declaration). If you do not have a PIC number please call Local Land Services 1300 795 299 or visit here
No NVD no sale
- Pigs –All pigs must have a Pig Pass and appropriate identifiers (View Here)
No PigPass No Sale
- Dogs – No pups under 16 weeks old to be sold or auctioned, Dogs must be in healthy condition, Dogs must have current vets vaccinations certificate, The responsibility of the wellbeing, control and restraint of the dogs and their actions rests with the owner.
- All dogs must be muzzled and kept on a leash at all times. No muzzle no entry
- No one is allowed in pens with any animals whilst they are on the TRLX premises other the animals’ owner
- All birds must be caged
- All smaller pigs must be caged
- Any item of tack or equipment on or housing livestock must be clearly identified as “for sale” or “not for sale"

- No branded Thoroughbred horses will be accepted for sale
- Only owners are allowed to handle horses
- Only owners are allowed to ride horses
- Any owner riding a horse must wear a helmet
- All horses must be accompanied by a Transported Stock Statement (View Here)

Animal Welfare
- All livestock offered for sale must be transported and cared for following the relevant animal welfare guidelines (View Here)
- Caged birds (View Here)
- McCulloch Agencies will be assessing all livestock on the Fit To Load Guidelines (View Here)
- Any livestock needing to be fed and watered overnight must be organised with McCulloch Agencies at the fall of the hammer
- Sale will operate using a bid card system
- All goods must be removed from TRLX by 4:00pm on sale day
- A $35.00 per lot removal fee will be charged to vendors/buyers for all lots left on the premises

Payment terms
- McCulloch Agencies will not make cash payment to vendors. All vendors must supply bank account details for payment
- All goods purchase must be paid for on the day or goods will not be allowed to leave the venue
- Cheque or Eftpos will be accepted
- Payment for buyers on sale day or no delivery of goods
- Payment to vendors 7 working days

- This is a multi-vendor sale. Not all vendors will be registered for GST
- Buyers should assume that GST will be added to the final knock-down price on all lots
- Buyers can book back through an agent if they hold a letter of introduction

Prohibited Items
- Any type of chemical or fuel (opened or unopened) 
- Any reptiles
- Any wild animal (feral pigs, dogs, dingoes, native birds etc)
- Motor vehicles  
- Thoroughbred racehorses (anything branded)
- Pig dogs (at our discretion when the animal arrives)
- Any type of weapon (fake or real e.g. replica guns, hunting bows etc)
- Alcohol, drugs, medicines
- Any animal that is not fit for sale (injured, sick, distressed etc)

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